The Organizing Committee kindly invites you to take part in the work of the XXVIII International Scientific Symposium "METROLOGY AND METROLOGY ASSURANCE 2018" which will be held on September 10 – 14, 2018 in Sozopol town, Bulgaria.

MMA Opening

The XXVIII Symposium "METROLOGY AND METROLOGY ASSURANCE 2018" is organized by the Technical University of Sofia - Department of Electrical Measurements and Department of Precision Engineering and Measuring Instruments. Co-organizers are the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, Union of Metrologists in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Academical Association of Metrology and Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant.
The Symposium will provide insights to the latest achievements in metrology assurance. Traditional participants are representatives of technical universities, Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, licensed laboratories, state and private companies’ metrological services, from Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Israel, Macedonia, Greece and others.

All reports are reviewed. The reports of ISS "MMA 2018" will be published in the Proceedings of XXVIII ISS "MMA 2018" in English and in printed and in electronic form. The best report of young scientists (under 35) will be honored.

The working languages are: English, Bulgarian and Russian.

On XXVII ISS "MMA 2018" reports can be presented to each of the working languages at the request of the author/s. Translation services will be provided from and into any of the working languages.

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The first Scientific Symposium "Metrology" (hereinafter - Symposium) with international participation was held on September 1990 in the town Sozopol, in the holiday house of the Technical University - Sofia. Initiator, founder and first organizer are prof. Vasil D. Filev and the laboratory "Metrology" at the Department of Electrical measurements of Faculty Automation at the Technical University - Sofia.


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