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XXXIV International Scientific Symposium

Metrology and Metrology Assurance 2024

7-11, September, Sozopol, Bulgaria


The symposium is organized by:
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Technical University of Sofia
The Technical University of Sofia is a major educational research and production complex offering highly qualified trainers, engineers and technical staff, with modern laboratory facilities and considerable capacities for experimentation and production. The Technical University of Sofia is the largest higher engineering school in Bulgaria with long years of experience in training engineers. Fifty five thousand are the engineers who have graduated and with the knowledge and skills acquired here have contributed to the development of Bulgarian industry. There is hardly any industry, company, or plant in Bulgaria where TU graduates are not employed.
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Department of Electrical Measurements
The Department of Electrical Measurements in the specialty of "Automation, Information and Control Engineering" conducts training of students specialized in Information and measuring equipment in bachelor and master degrees. Graduated engineers acquire relevant knowledge and skills in the field of measurements of electrical and non-electrical quantities, intelligent devices and systems for measurement, metrology and metrological assurance, quality control and engineering in the field of measuring techniques.
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Department of Precision Engineering and Measurement Instruments
Department of Precision Engineering and Measurement Instruments trains specialists in both academic degrees - Bachelor and Master of Precision Engineering sphere: controlmeasuring equipment (measuring, control and automation control of geometric andphysical-mechanical parameters), optical and laser technology,fine mechanics engineering (mechanical devices for office, information, medical and biomedical equipment), micromechanics, metrology and metrologicalsupport, control and quality management. The Department conducts research and doctoral studies in the field of Precision Engineering. The Department successfully pursues international cooperation with universities in Germany England, Russia, Ukraine,Serbia, Macedonia.
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IEEE Bulgarian section
IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE's highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.
With the attendance of:
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Bulgarian Institute of Metrology
The Bulgarian Institute of Metrology is a specialized body for implementation of the governmental policy in the field of scientific, industrial and legal metrology. The vision of BIM is to be a leader in the field of metrology on national level with ambition to become one of the best institutes in teh region.The institute aspires to be a reliable and recognized partner on European level.
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Union of the Metrologists in Bulgaria
The Union of Metrologists in Bulgaria (UMB) is a non-profit organisation. It is a national, non-governmental, non-political, creative professional organisation, founded by the volunteer and equal-right union of physical and juridical persons, working in the sphere of measurements and metrology. The union studies and distributes scientific and technical knowledge, national and international achievements and experience, through issuing publications, organising simposia, conferences, seminars, discussoins, study courses, exhibitions and other scientific-technical and informational events.
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Bulgarian Academical Association of Metrology
Bulgarian Academical Association of Metrology (BAAM) is an association of individuals and legal entities with no profit. It unites scientists and professors from universities in the area of metrology for effective use of their knowledge, experience and creativity. BAAM participate in the formation and development of effective strategies in the field of metrology and quality management, organization of trainings, increasing qualification and experience of specialists of metrology from Bulgaria and abroad, organizing symposiums, conferences, seminars, courses, discussions, scientific and technical activities, etc.
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Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant
Kozloduy NPP plc is the only nuclear power plant in Bulgaria and the main electricity generating plant providing more than one third of the total annual electricity output of the country. This determines the significant position the company holds - being a factor of economic sustainability both nationally and regionally. Kozloduy NPP generates the cheapest electricity in the country, thus ensuring and maintaining affordable price of electricity for Bulgarian end-consumers.